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          Multi-Tasking SWISS Turning Centers

          New generation SW-20II series was created with the latest machine tool technology and high quality component, also the designed concept is based on " High Speed " and " High Accuracy " of Swiss Turning center. To overcome the complicate and precise machining, the structure rigidity of SW-20II series is increased significantly ; moreover, the tooling system can flexible choose B-axis and Y2-axis function according to the actual machining requirement. Brand new SW-20II series can satisfy with your different machining requirement nowadays and future.

          The brand new casting structure and optimized tooling system increase 20% cutting rigidity.
          The movable operating panel with impact resistance and big size screen can provide the convenience and saftey for operator.
          Reliable machanical ability combine with complete feeding and discharging struture is the best choice for the automatic mass production.

          Hybrid Guide Bush

          Special interface mechanical design of guide bush can be mounting or dismount base on actual situation. It is more flexible in use and save cost on facility and space in the factory.

          Remaining bar length

          Bush :
          Suitable for long bar work-piece.
          Bushless :
          Suitable for cold working bar or
          high price raw material.

          High Flexible Tool System

          Axis System
          Feed axis 5-axis 6-axis 7-axis
          X-axis 標準 標準 標準
          Y-axis 標準 標準 標準
          Z-axis 標準 標準 標準
          XB-axis 標準 標準 標準
          ZB-axis 標準 標準 標準
          B-axis 不提供 標準 不提供 標準
          Y2-axis 不提供 不提供 標準 標準
          標準: Standard 不提供: Not Available
          Tooling System Variations
          Tooling System 5-axis 6-axis 7-axis
          B-axis Y2-axis B & Y2 axes
          O.D. tool 6 6 6 6
          I.D. tool 4 -- 4 --
          Cross live tools 5 2 5 2
          B-axis live tools -- 3 -- 3
          Backworking Tooling System
          Rear-end live tools 4 4 8 8
          5-axis tooling system
          7-axis tooling system ( optional B-axis and Y2-axis )
          Deep Hole Drilling ( Opt. )
          Sub-spindle applied 2 U-Drill devices which can offer deep hole drilling requirement but additional tool position is no needed.
          With high pressure coolant system, it can ensure the best deep hole drill performance.