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          The grinding wheel spindle designs by high rigidity, low temperature raise and non-contact hydro-static bearing which makes accuracy less than 0.001 mm.
          Spindle Head :
          • Spindle head is driven by servo motor which provides variable speed change.
          • Both fixed type and non fixed type spindles are available to meet various applications.

          Angular Grinding Examples
          The wheel spindle can be quickly set up for angular grinding.
          Machine Specifications
          CAPACITY GRA-2060
          Distance between centers 620 mm
          Max. swing over table Ø 200 mm
          Max. load between centers 80 kg
          Max. external grinding diameter Ø 190 mm
          Roundness 0.8 μm
          Machine positioning accuracy 1 μm
          Swivel angle ± 30°
          Wheel O.D. x width x I.D. Ø 405 x Max. 80 x Ø 127 mm
          Wheel spindle travel 180 mm
          Max. travel 180 mm
          Min. setting unit 0.001 mm
          Max. rapid traverse speed 8 m/min.
          Grinding feed rate 0.0001 - 6,000 mm/min.
          WORK TABLE
          Max. travel 620 mm
          Max. rapid traverse speed 10 m/min.
          Min. setting unit 0.001 mm
          Grinding feed rate 0.0001 - 8,000 mm/min.
          Spindle motor Swivel angle
          Swivel angle +90? ~ -30?
          Center taper MT#3
          Travel 20 mm
          Center taper MT#3
          Axes drive motor X-axis 1 kW
          Z-axis 1.5 kW
          Wheel spindle motor 5 HP
          Work-piece spindle servo motor 0.75 kW
          Hydraulic pump 2 HP
          Coolant pump 1/4 HP
          Dimensions 2,700 x 2,100 x 1,800 mm
          Net weight 3,500 kg

          Specifications are subject to change without notice.